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NFT artists focusing on the Cosmos Ecosystem.

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We are the Mythological Agetns

Our long-term NFT goals have grown and developed since

our dream to share more ancient history and

get the Cosmos projects out there in the NFT world.

With our love for the Cosmos ecosystem itself,

everyone who follows us remains enthusiastic and dedicated

to this planetary ecosystem.

The Mythological Agents is the place if you love art, digital art, NFTs,

and the Cosmos ecosystem. We began to work on it in 2021, and we feel delighted to have you on this exciting journey with us!

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Fantasy Landscape

When they hear Mythology, most people think about Greek Mythology because they are so popular. Who hasn't heard of the God Zeus or the story from pandora's box? Of course, everyone heard of the stone hence, but did you know that Myths are a part of every culture in the world and are used to explain natural phenomena, where people came from, how their civilization developed, and why things happen as they do.

Crab Nebula


What is the cosmos "ecosystem"?


The Cosmos Network comprises

a decentralized ecosystem consisting of independent yet interoperable blockchains. However, it is not restricted to just the blockchains with Cosmos. Instead, the main objective of the Cosmos blockchain is to connect other blockchains by

expanding their functionalities and improving their efficiency.

Our projects

Bloodborne Pegasus

We love the theme of Greek mythology, and of course, Pegasus is a legendary myth.

This artwork is a convergence of many styles and techniques that we have discovered in our previous works, and this applies to building the artwork

and absolutely for the painting of the artwork. We love to work with many colors. We have put together a thoughtful color combination to give this artwork the flair it needs.

One of the speculations that most appealed to us about the origin of Pegasus is that he was born/originated after Perseus, son of Zeus,

beheaded Medusa and was taken from the blood of Medusa. As designers, we focus on the Cosmos ecosystem.

Like the Cosmos ecosystem, we are just getting started!


Community creations


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